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You’re used to the stench of equipment infumigating his car, and it doesn’t even bother you when he sticks his smelly, glove infested hand in your face because you’re used to it by now. You understand and casually use hockey player lingo such as: Beauty – (adj) used not just for someone with good looks Gino – (n) not just a first name--also means a goal in hockey world Wheeling – (v) nope, not driving a car, a term used to describe a guy picking up girls Muffin – (n) popular breakfast food, but also a term used to describe a weak shot Biscuit – (n) also a popular breakfast food, but is another name for the puck Bender - (n) a player who sucks at hockey, obviously not your boyfriend Chirp - (v) trash talking opponent, refs, etc. As cheesy as it is, you feel safest around them because hockey players are undoubtedly the toughest athletes around.