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f=94&t=6179#p95546)20150620Android: Fixed USB 3.0 Gigabit Ethernet support again. f=94&t=6179#p89221)20150515Android: Updated to 5.1.1Android: New GPS Hal lib Android: Ril disabled by default Android: added cp210x USB serial module autoload Kernel: added config_input_uinput=y20150420Android: fixed wifi module3(8192cu)Android: Gallery FC when playing video.20150419Android: New Wifi module loading logic, Now we can use more wifi modules. Kernel: added new Realtek Wifi drivers (RTL8192EU/RTL8723AU/RTL8812AU/RTL8192DU/RTL8188EU)Android: Fixed email app crash. Android: minor fixes.20150404Android: Update to cm-12.1 Lollipop 5.1Android: New Audio HALAndroid: New Camera HAL (now you can take pictures, record video, stream video via apps or browser but Skype and Hangout still buggy)Android: added USB DAC native support(USB hotplug, input, output support)Android: Auto detect Bluetooth dongle at device boot. I was intending on doing something akin to that with my U2 when I got it a while ago but I never found anything that I liked, I now have XBMC running on a Zotac Zbox Pico that runs Windows 8.1 but it gets hot as hell and Kodi/XBMC keeps crashing a lot due to some Visual Basic error.